Welcome to Blue Mirage Studio

“Art is an Illusion Based Entirely on Imagination”
-JC Arkham
Artist, designer, author, entrepreneur (1969 – )

About Blue Mirage Studio

BMS is a complete business identity and branding design studio. This website serves to show available services as well as my on-line portfolio. The portfolio pages includes work from BMS and various other design firms I have worked at. If you are in need of a service you do not see here, please CONTACT me. There’s a good chance I can help. If I’m unable to fulfill your request, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

BMS has been offering creative design, identity and branding solutions since 1986. What began as a photography only company has grown into a design studio with over 35 years of experience, covering a wide aspect of design and art.

BMS was founded in the San Francisco, South Bay Area in California and has now found a new home in Reno, Nevada.